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Barbara Heck

BARBARA(Heck) born 1734 in the town of Ballingrane (Republic of Ireland) and daughter of Bastian Ruckle Margaret Embury. Bastian Ruckle and Margaret Embury had a daughter called Barbara (Heck) born in 1734. She married in 1760 Paul Heck and together they raised seven children. Four of them survived into adulthood. The majority of times subjects have participated in significant events, and had unique thoughts or opinions which are documented on paper. Barbara Heck left neither letters or statements. Actually, the most evidence available for matters like the date of Barbara Heck's marriage comes from second-hand sources. There is no primary source that can be used to reconstruct Barbara Heck's motives or behavior throughout her lifetime. It is still an important figure for the beginning of Methodism. The biographer must define the mythology, define the story and identify the individual that is revered in. It was the Methodist historian Abel Stevens wrote in 1866. Barbara

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